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October 17, 2019, Diaries of the Lebanese Revolution

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Sept. 1, 2021 - Sept. 12, 2021

Gallery 12

Galerie Tanit

A solo exhibition of works by Abed Al Kadiri who, in October 2019, hastily cut short his trip to China to return home to Lebanon and join the uprising, when the dream about systemic change was still on the horizon.

In October 2019 when Al Kadiri hastily cut short his trip to China and returned back home to join the uprising, social dreaming and the possibility for thinking systemic change was still on the horizon. Come September 2021 and most, if not all, of this revolutionary fervour has waned and Lebanon has spiralled into a total collapse. Al Kadiri's series of drawings October 17, 2019. The Lebanese Revolution is therefore a closed historical document, not only chronicling the events of that specific moment, but also commemorating a time of hopeful collective civic revolt that — for now — will not return. As such the drawings can be seen as a diary of a revolution, and at the same time a lamentation of squandered potential. - excerpt from a text by Nat Muller / Independent curator and writer. 

The exhibition in Gallery 12 presents the 11 drawings of this series in an attempt to bring back to life the rush, the power, and the drive the Lebanese people had before they fell wounded again.


Abed Al Kadiri, "4 August, 2021", (2021), Chinese ink on Chinese Paper, 75 x 175 cm.

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For over forty years Galerie Tanit has played an important role in introducing American artists to German audiences and beyond. Galerie Tanit was founded by Naila Kettaneh-Kunigk and Stefan Kunigk in Munich in 1972. The program of the 1980s and early 90s focused on showing artists from the minimal, conceptual and arte povera movements such as Dan Flavin, Donald Judd, Robert Mangold, Carl André, Robert Ryman. In 2007 it opened a second home in Beirut with an intention to participate in the cultural and artistic revival of Lebanon. The program of the gallery gradually shifted to a younger generation of artists and introduced international artist like Jeremy Blake and Michael Lin to local audiences.