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Sept. 15, 2021 - Sept. 26, 2021

Gallery 8


Brompton Design District

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SEEDS present their own response to From Here Onwards, showing works curated and commissioned around the idea of the aesthetics of Joy.

JOY is an exhibition by SEEDS for the London Design Festival 2021, part of the Brompton Design District, curated by Jane Withers around the theme “From Here Onwards” showing works curated and commissioned around the idea of the aesthetics of Joy.

Joy is something we cultivate, it influences our well-being. It is proven there is a clear link between our surroundings and our mental health, between our environment and emotions. It is a source of energy we can harness by surrounding ourselves with objects that have the power to instil Joy in our lives: through the use of colours to energise, invigorate and replace this greyness we have all experienced; through unexpected juxtapositions and compositions that are playful and pleasurable; through unconventional geometrics and chunky shapes that reminds us of generous embraces when people were longing togetherness; through soft materials, textiles that embellish the experiences sensorially and emotionally; through crafted stories and poetic messages of hope that celebrate the possibility of a new day and a new chance.

As the protagonists of “Life on Planet Orsimanirana”, a project directed by Jerszy Seymour, of which elements will be on show at SEEDS, say : “We want to experience rivers of infinite funk” and “the one thing we are sure about the world we want to live in, is that we want to enjoy it”

Designers include:

  • Eusebio Sanchez
  • Elodie Blanchard
  • Pepjin Fabius Clovis 
  • I-fan Chen
  • Jerszy Seymour
  • Jochen Holz
  • James Shaw
  • Agnes Studio
  • Marco Campardo
  • Onka Allmayer Beck
  • Attua Aparicio

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We want to experience rivers of infinite funk, the one thing we are sure about the world we want to live in, is that we want to enjoy it.

Jerszy Seymour
Design Director

About the Hosts

Brompton Design District

Brompton Design District

Initiated by South Kensington Estates, a company with a history woven into the fabric of the district for over 200 years, together with a cluster of design retailers and local cultural institutions, the District was established in 2007 to foster a space where new design can flourish. The aim was to revitalise the heritage of the area as a place where people come together to share, enjoy and learn about design in its broadest sense; design, culture, fashion and food.

It is the leading District during the annual London Design Festival with a dedicated programme of temporary exhibitions. Brompton’s programme, curated by Jane Withers Studio, has played host to pioneering and innovative contemporary exhibitions. The combination of temporary exhibitions, set in an area of London known for its iconic, international design brands, adds energy and dynamism and has earned Brompton the reputation as a leading international design destination.

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