Ting-Ying Gallery and Oliver Sears Gallery

In Residence III

Hosted by: Ting-Ying Gallery


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Past Exhibition Information

June 21, 2023 - July 1, 2023

Pavilion Gallery

Ting-Ying Gallery

Curated by Brian Kennedy, the exhibition features gallery artists and some key international artists. It is accompanied by an illustrated catalogue with essays by Sean Rainbird, Director of the National Gallery of Ireland and Emma Crichton-Miller, Editor of The Design Edit and fine art writer.

Having presented two highly acclaimed In Residence exhibitions, also curated by Brian Kennedy in Fitzroy Square, London, in 2015 and 2016, Oliver Sears Gallery’s presence in London was very well received.

Oliver Sears Gallery: Artists

Michael Canning, Sophia Campbell, Claire Curneen, David Eager Maher, Jason Ellis, Paul Gaffney, Stephen Lawlor, Hughie O’Donoghue, Laurence Riddell, Stephanie Rowe, Jeff Schneider, Amelia Stein, Sasha Sykes, Donald Teskey, Samuel Walsh, Keith Wilson, Sarah Iremonger, Abigail O’Brien, Nick Miller, Sarah Walker.

Ting-Ying Gallery: Artists

Tessa Eastman, Babs Hanen, Huang Jing,  Janet Lines, Vezzini & Chen, Alice Walton, Emma Witter, Zhao Jinya, Oriel Zinaburg.                         

Guest artists

Robert Motherwell,  Bridget Riley, Hans Hartung, Wojciech Fangor, James Rosenquist, Gorgon Baldwin, Angus Suttie, Carol Mc Nicoll, Jacqui Poncelet, Lucie Rie, John Ward.


A collaboration between Dublin-based Oliver Sears Gallery and Ting-Ying, a Hong Kong based ceramics and glass gallery, founded by Peter Ting.


Image credit: (detail) David Eager Maher, Indoor Growing, 2022. Courtesy of Ting-Ying Gallery and Oliver Sears Gallery.

This Cromwell Place exhibition has already taken place

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Ting-Ying Gallery

Ting-Ying Gallery

Ting-Ying Gallery was founded in 2017 by Peter Ting, a ceramic and product designer, and Ying Jian, who brings his wealth of knowledge and understanding of porcelain. The gallery brings a dynamic and highly influential mission to the world of contemporary craft by stimulating ongoing dialogues between East and West, tradition and innovation, function and aesthetics. The gallery invites artists to grapple with the enigma of how they can question the perceptions of the past while evolving new work which manifests a strong sense of continuity with the inspiration of history. The resulting artworks celebrate the beauty and precision of craftsmanship today. Ting-Ying Gallery is passionate about engaging a new audience with the exciting work that is emerging from the craft and design world. Through international art and design fairs, exhibitions and museum collaborations, the gallery presents collectors and institutions with a curated selection of new and challenging work that radiates intention, integrity and a redefinition of what is expected from craft and design.