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Book Launch: The Rise and Rise of the Private Art Museum

Hosted by: Georgina Adam


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Nov. 3, 2021
- 6 p.m.

Lavery Studio

Georgina Adam

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Lund Humphries and Sotheby’s Institute of Art in partnership with Cromwell Place will host a reception to celebrate the launch of "The Rise and Rise of the Private Art Museum". Georgina Adam will be giving a short talk and signing copies.

Attendance is free of charge but RSVP is essential and capacity is limited - please reserve your space by contacting rsvp@lundhumphries.com.

About the book: The private collector’s museum has become a phenomenon of the 21st century. There are some 400 of them around the world, and an astonishing 70% of those devoted to contemporary art were founded in the past 20 years. Although private museums have been accused of being tax-evading vanity projects or ‘tombs for trophies’, the picture is far more complex and nuanced, as art-market journalist Georgina Adam (author of best-selling Big Bucks and Dark Side of the Boom) shows in her compelling new book.

Georgina Adam’s investigation into this extraordinary proliferation, based on her recent visits to over 50 private spaces across the US, Europe, China and elsewhere, delves into the reasons behind this boom, the different motivations of collectors to display their art in public, and the various ways in which the institutions are financed. Private museums can add greatly to the cultural life of a community, giving a platform to emerging artists, supplying educational programmes and revitalising declining or neglected regions. But their relationship with public institutions can also be problematic. Should private museums step in to fill a gap left by declining public investment in culture, and what are the implications for society and the arts? At a time of crisis in the museums sector, this book is an essential and thought-provoking read.

This is the first book in the new series Hot Topics in the Art World, published by Lund Humphries in association with Sotheby’s Institute of Art.

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She has written a very clear, brilliantly well informed, highly topical and wide-ranging critical analysis.

Charles Saumarez Smith
Author, The Art Museum in Modern Times

About the Hosts

Georgina Adam

Georgina Adam

Georgina Adam is the chair of the Cromwell Place Membership Committee and the Art Market Editor-at-Large of The Art Newspaper. She has spent more than thirty years writing about the art market and the arts in general.

She was editor of the Art Market section of The Art Newspaper between 2000 and 2008, then editor-at-large. She wrote a weekly column for the Financial Times for eight years until 2016. In 2014 she published Big Bucks: The Explosion of the Art Market in the 21st Century (Lund Humphries). In addition to her specialisation in the art market, Adam is particularly interested in emerging cultural centres. She lectures at Sotheby's Institute in London and participates in panels about the market.