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Sept. 14, 2022 - Sept. 25, 2022

Gallery 10

Lloyd Choi Gallery

Discover and explore the meditative aesthetic of Korean craftsmanship in works that instil a sense of tranquility and mindfulness. This exhibition is included as a part of the official London Design Festival 2022 programme.

Running as alongside the V&A’s Korean exhibition ‘K-Wave’ (September 22 – June 23), the works here consider meditative aesthetics and tranquility. 

The exhibition title 'SILENT MIND' reflects the calm and mindful status of the maker-artists, whose practices are hands-on and materials-led. Like the unknown potters of ancient times, these Korean maker-artists hold a focus on process and an understanding of the laws of nature, pursuing an egoless state of mind in order to create true beauty in their contemporary practice. 

Part of London Design Festival 2022

Image: Hand carved wood tea-trays by Mok-su and photo by Kim Wansu

This Cromwell Place exhibition has already taken place

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Lloyd Choi Gallery

Lloyd Choi Gallery

Lloyd Choi Gallery represents craftsmanship-led contemporary Korean artists and designers. The gallery believes in the power of art to enlighten, a concept rooted firmly in Korean tradition. The thorough knowledge of materials, the masterful skill and meditative processes create an alchemic reaction that moves beyond the boundaries of craft, design and fine art. Specialising in Korean contemporary studio ceramics, the gallery promotes artists whose contemporary works echo the traditional values best described by Bernard Leach, in his ‘A Potter’s Book’, “nobility, austerity, strength, breath, subtlety, warmth qualities which apply equally to our judgments of human and ceramic values.”