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Landscapes of the Mind and the Second Bronze Age of China

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May 18, 2022 - May 22, 2022

Gallery 11


Michael Goedhuis

A collection of works by contemporary Chinese ink artists together with a selection of post-classical bronzes from Song to the early Qing dynasty (1100-1900).

Chinese ink artists are profoundly relevant to contemporary Chinese society, but until recently have been largely neglected by curators and critics alike. They represent the link between China’s great past and the galloping pace towards her future. Their work incorporates a deep understanding of classical Chinese culture, which they believe to be essential in their quest to create a new pictorial language that expresses the fundamentals of today’s world. 

By bringing together contemporary ink paintings and vessels of the Second Bronze Age, the exhibition offers a space to explore the ongoing dialogue between China's classical past and the strive to negotiate and reinterpret that very tradition through a renewed contemporary pictorial language. 

Exhibiting Artists:
Guan Zhi
Lo Ch'ing
Yao Jui-chung
Leung Kui Ting
Wei Ligang

Private view: 6pm, Tuesday 17 May

Image: Bronze guardian lion incense burner, China, late Ming dynasty, c. 17th century 17 1/4 x 22 in (44 x 56 cm)

This Cromwell Place exhibition has already taken place

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Michael Goedhuis

Michael Goedhuis

In the early 1990s Michael Goedhuis began dealing Chinese modern and contemporary art and was the first dealer in the West to enter this field with a series of important exhibitions including the pioneering exhibition at Sotheby’s, New York, in 2001 China Without Borders: Chinese Contemporary Art. Most of his activity since then has been directed at describing both the resurgence of cultural activity in the China of today and the key relevance of Chinese Ink art to contemporary aesthetics. In addition to representing the best contemporary Chinese artists, his activities now include exhibiting work by the best of the new generation of Western artists, both painters and sculptors.

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