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Inventory Art Book Fair

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June 7, 2024 - June 9, 2024

Cromwell Place

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June 7, 2024 - June 9, 2024

Cromwell Place

Inventory Art Book Fair

Inventory is a new art book fair at Cromwell Place that surveys this current moment in the expanded publishing landscape, running 7-9 June 2024

Constituting a book market, reading room and programme of events, Inventory will foreground interdisciplinary, collaborative and non-profit forms of publishing and instigate research into the agency of the artists publication and the capacities of the artist-led press.

Looking to the pasts, presents and futures of the printed form as part of an extended dialogue of artist and activist practice, this inaugural weekend programme welcomes established presses, occasional publishers, zinesters and those making their first experiments with print. 

Public Programme
A free programme of events aims to instigate conversations across the ecosystem of artist publishing, from editors, designers and printers to archivists and librarians, and propose new intersections between publishing, performance, sound and installation.

Opening Evening of Performance
Thursday, 6th June, 6 - 8pm, Free

Inventory opens with a celebratory evening of happenings underscoring intersections between publishing, performance, architecture and the voice. Ibrahim Azab will perform EV3RY(TH1NG’5)MOV1NG: BUT_I’M(STILL)H3RE, a new, site-specific performance exploring ideology and the subconscious via movement and positioning, delivered whilst the artist manoeuvres around and engages with the audience. Folium will present Sometimes Making Nothing Leads to Something, an homage to and inverse of Francis Alÿs’ Paradox of Praxis 1 (Sometimes making something leads to nothing), in which spectators are invited to become participants in the exploration and recording of the space using graphite rubbing, leading to the production of a live-printed collaborative publication to be distributed on the night. There will also be performative interventions by Rose Nordin. A drinks reception will follow. 

What Did You Do…? 
The Reading Room, Cromwell Place Cafe
Friday, 7th June, 3.30pm - 5pm, Free

Book Works present a panel of speakers and participants to discuss and expand What Did You Do…? (2024), a poster project commissioned by Book Works to mark 40 years of commissions and book making. In response to the urgent humanitarian crisis in Gaza overshadowing all activity, Book Works have invited artists to contribute work that speaks to ideas of solidarity with the oppressed, and liberation for the occupied, for a series of A3 posters. Any proceeds from this project will be donated to Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP).

A publisher-generated programme of readings and launches will unfold in the Inventory Reading Room at other times.

Closing Evening of Performance
Sunday 9th June, 5 - 8pm, Free

Inventory closes with an immersive series of performances drawing connections between the written word and sound, projection, moving image and the psychedelic. Jessica Higgins will perform the latest iteration of you over there in the trojan horse, a spoken word and sound collage project about a fictional monologue and the voice that delivers it. As the monologue tries to convince the people in the room that they are future versions of themselves, the voice grapples with the structural politics of the performance itself, oscillating between the art of persuasion and the craft of vulnerability. Raheel Kahn & Amrit Randhawa will perform a new collaborative piece, creating an experimental collage of archival video works accompanied with a live sound piece tracing the upward social mobility of both their Punjabi and Kashmiri roots, focusing on British Asian music and its post-industrial genealogy. The evening will close with sets from Ghostlore of Britain and Sanctuary of Praise. Ghostlore of Britain (Kieron Livingstone & Sarah Hartnett) deliver musical vibrations and meditations to break through the veiling power of Maya and self-perpetuating control mechanisms. Their investigations and experiences across the psychic and embodied landscape in the South of England have informed the basis of Ghostlore’s music and film, undertaking psychic quests as their methodology, traversing the landscape as an embodied pursuit to unearth a complex politics of memory. Sanctuary of Praise make music oscillating between the murky and the jangly, creating a unique sound that's a greyscale-rendered grab bag of lo-fi aesthetics. Equal parts melodic, motorik, and miserablist, their sound is reminiscent of Lives of Angels through a chorus pedal, with a significant devotion to The Cure. The dulcet tones of the singer Swirly suggest they've witnessed many sunrises.

Exhibitor List:

  • 20k and a dead sheep
  • 5b
  • ABC [Artists' Books Cooperative]
  • AND Publishing
  • Arcadia Missa Publications
  • Baron
  • Bertie Brandes
  • Book Works
  • Bricks from the Kiln
  • Bronze Age
  • CentreCentre
  • Ceremony Press
  • Curatorial Affairs
  • Dazed Club
  • Desire Press
  • Folium
  • Foolscap Editions
  • Hapax Publishing
  • Highchair Editions
  • Into the Paint
  • Less Than 500 Press
  • Lore Archive
  • manual.editions
  • maria ahmed
  • Mark Pawson
  • Masterpieces
  • Mascalzone Books
  • Migrants in Culture
  • Mini Mart Press
  • Mohammad Namazi
  • Monitor Books
  • Morley House
  • New Dimension
  • Ollie dove
  • OOMK/Rabbits Road Press
  • Overlapse
  • PageMasters
  • Palm* Studios
  • Photobook Cafe
  • Pilot Magazine
  • Pleats
  • Practising Empathy in Mirrors
  • Prototype
  • Queer Street Press
  • Ripley Fletcher
  • Shri Gunasekara
  • Silvia’s Mother
  • SMUT Press
  • Sorika
  • Strike Design Studio
  • SWIRLY 5000
  • Terra Firma
  • The Academy of Realness
  • The Grass is Green in the Fields for You
  • Village

+ More to be announced.


Thursday, 6th June: Opening Evening of Performance: 6-8pm
Friday, 7th June: 12-6pm
Saturday, 8th June: 11am-6pm
Sunday, 9th June: 11am-4pm
Sunday, 9th June: Closing Evening of Performance: 5-8pm

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Inventory Art Book Fair

Inventory Art Book Fair