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Oct. 4, 2023 - Oct. 8, 2023

Arc Gallery

Amalgama Art

Hilo, a Spanish word for thread, encapsulates our trains of thought, connections and structures of reality. This group exhibition of 4 women artists from Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru explores how the concept of ‘thread’ can be taken beyond its traditional relationship with textile and fabric.

Breaking the boundaries of painting and sculpture, the works of these artists weave new connections with language and signs, our bodies, our memories and the world around us.

Artists participating are Sofia Clausse (Argentina); Vanessa Enriquez (Mexico), Alma Laura Felber (Peru), Susana Uvidia (Ecuador).

Image credit: (detail) Alma Laura Felber, Healthy Swimming, 1994. Courtesy of Amalgama Art.

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Amalgama Art

Amalgama Art

Amalgama Art's objective is to help women artists achieve their deserved value in the industry, recognising their significant and important contribution to the global art scene. 

They support and mentor emerging and established artists so they can increase their visibility, participation (number of exhibitions, gallery representation, solo shows, among others) and commercial value in the art market.