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Adam Jeppeson: Evidence of Absence

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Oct. 6, 2021 - Oct. 17, 2021

Wing Gallery


Black Box Projects

The first solo exhibition for Danish contemporary artist Adam Jeppesen in the United Kingdom.

Adam Jeppesen is an artist and a traveller. He is best known for his images of remote and rugged landscapes where he celebrates the physical imperfections of his long and arduous journeys left on his negatives. Jeppesen's work elevates the imperfect and celebrates the honesty that comes with allowing the imperfection to take centre-stage within his finished pieces. The fragility of photographic materials, the passage of time and the materiality of the photograph as an object are continuing themes that reappear in Jeppesen's oeuvre.

The techniques and printing processes Jeppesen uses are deeply rooted in historic photographic tradition, yet he continues to push the limit and redefine the medium within his practice. In this solo presentation, we see Jeppesen moving away from a strictly photographic practice and instead using concrete to approach continuing themes of time, the imperfect and impact of humanity on a place.

This exhibition also marks the first time Black Box Projects steps away from a strictly photographic offering and presents unique contemporary sculptures alongside photographic works by the artist.

Adam Jeppesen, "The Great Filter". Photo by David Stjernholm.

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Black Box Projects

The gallery does not keep a permanent space, instead it arranges temporary project-based exhibitions in order to tailor the experience to the individual needs of the artist and the work exhibited. Black Box Projects aims to be a pioneer of the changing gallery model, as well as presenting a transparent working model with artists, clients and other gallerists that fosters community, creativity and collaboration. 

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