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Re-Creating Memory: A Walk of Echoes

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Oct. 4, 2023 - Oct. 9, 2023

Gallery 1


Embassy of Chile

A multimedia exhibition that invites the public into an immersive space reflecting on memory, history and social expressions. What does it mean to remember history and social changes through art?

The exhibition is presented as a retrospective of the project “The City as Text”, which approaches public space as a living entity, revealing the history and identity of places in transformation. By documenting and exploring different formats for decoding urban space in Santiago de Chile, powerful archives of memory can be created through art and collaborative work. This exhibition affirms that looking back is a way forward. Revisiting history through art can be a way of repairing and not forgetting.

To learn more, head to www.laciudadcomotexto.cl


Image credit: (detail) Courtesy of Embassy of Chile.

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