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Macondo: Colombian Imaginaries

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May 4, 2022 - May 15, 2022

Gallery 7 & 8

Casa AmaCord

A group exhibition exploring memory and collective narratives through the works of 15 Colombian contemporary artists.

In Macondo, the fictional town where the novel One Hundred Years of Solitude takes place, extraordinary or magical events are taken as mundane, while the habitual is considered extraordinary. In the novel, legendary Colombian author Gabriel García Márquez explored how the retelling of stories can mythologize or distort our perception of history.

Similarly, the artists in this exhibition engage with the malleability of collective narratives through questioning today’s cultural setting. Through a range of media, the exhibition identifies and invites the audience to reflect upon the themes of landscape, life, memory, society and the imaginary. And, as in the novel, just as memory may save the fictional town from repeating its history, so do these artists appeal to memory to reclaim value for their origins: the Mestizo, the Black, the Indigenous, the European. 

Featuring works by: Hermes Berrio, Nicolas Bonilla, Maldonado, Maria Cano (Salvaje), Carlos Castro Arias, Andrea Dominguez, Rafael Dussan, Gonzalo Fuenmayor, Vanessa Gomez, Ana Maria Jimenez (Taller Sin Borde), Laura Jimenez Galvis, Camilo Andres Rodriguez Marquez (Carm Works), Stefania Tejada, Marco Tulio, Verdi, Gabriel Zea. 

Image: Stefania Tejada, Nocturnal-Gods, 2021.

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Macondo is not a place but a state of mind that allows one to see what one wants to see and how one wants to see it.

Gabriel García Márquez

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Casa AmaCord

Casa AmaCord

Casa AmaCord is an independent art advisory championing an eclectic roster of Latin American emerging and established artists and designers. Through institutional projects and curated exhibitions merging fine and decorative arts, Casa AmaCord intends to add new voices to the Art historical canon by forging international collaborations where creatives may reflect, present, and discuss their common practices and unrealised projects.