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MA Digital Direction Graduation Show 2022

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March 2, 2022 - March 6, 2022

Gallery 1, 7 & 10


Royal College of Art

Discover graduate work created by Royal College of Art Digital Direction MA students exploring our urgent need today for critical, experimental and inclusive digital storytelling.

Communities, controversies; species, technologies; ourselves, each other. Stories circulate everywhere. In the relationships we create, the things we believe, the memories we store and the spaces we inhabit. In the small transitions that often pass unnoticed, the events that influence our behaviours, and the radical shifts that reconfigure our lives, stories materialise, are shaped, told, heard, stored and recalled. By humans. By machines.
Emerging from family histories, ecological disasters, societal injustices, community identities, existential threats, the stories presented in the exhibition confront the entangled relationships between nature, beings, technologies and places in our world today.
The exhibition will be live at Cromwell Place and online at www.digital direction 2022.co.uk.

Exhibiting Artists:
Anna FarreĢ; Asher Yang; Cynthia Meng; Haoyue Yang; Jamilya Kulambayeva; Jason Kim; Jialu Chen; Jiawei Li; Jingyi Zhang; Jingyin Luo; Julio Obscura; Lavinia Keller; Margherita Allievi; Marija Babovic; Mingdong Song; Minrong Chen; Naixin Xin; Pei Yang; Pierre Engelhard; Shangyang Fan; Tian Liu; Tianyi Zhang; Tong Yu; Wei Zhang; Weiran Yao; Wenxi Zhang; Xinyi Yang; Ying Bai; Yingfei Xiong; Yiqing Chen; Yixuan Wang; Zhenjun Xu; Zongfu Xu

This Cromwell Place exhibition has already taken place

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