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March 15, 2023 - March 19, 2023

Gallery 3



Where the element of 'water' expresses movement of grace and fluid dynamics which combine to create a melodic narrative in the form of fine art photography, there is Abstractions.

With an emphasis on creating an atmosphere of tranquillity with creative compositions and photographic techniques that seeks to capture an essence of the expressionist era of painterly art.


About the artist

Brigitte Bourger (French Polynesia). An artist bearing a strong connection with water. The perpetual movement of water, the changing colours, the force inside waves makes her want to expose it in dreamlike aspects, that differ from the usual postcard's clichés. Her photographic language is twofold, a minimalistic approach and a totally abstract interpretation. These two photographic styles are intuitively complementary.

Bourger starts the making of a picture with a minimal approach and to finish it by gradually narrowing down her view. 


Yi Sun (1982, China). Creating photographs flying in light aircraft or helicopter with open or no doors, he has a signature style of shooting straight down at the landscape while the aircraft is doing spinning aerobatic manoeuvres. This often requires Yi to compose and execute images in a split second. With the influence of modern abstract art, he uses simple but strong composition and colours. For this reason, his arts often have the visual appearance of contemporary abstract paintings.  

Through the decades, Yi has become an internationally recognised aerial photographer winning many highly prestigious photography awards.


The ECAD Collection  

Located alongiside Abstractions and displaying Creative, Inspiring and Entertaining emerging artists, the collection seeks to present artworks that befit the sensibilities and branding aspirations for the gallery. The theme and overtones of the artworks are mindful, calm and intriguing in their compositions. 

In this iteration of exhibited artworks, Art of 1 subjects each art piece to be unique as a single edition. 


Image credit: (detail) Yi Sun, Coffe or Tea. Study 7, 2018. Courtesy of the artist and ECAD LONDON.

This Cromwell Place exhibition has already taken place

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In a world where images are so ubiquitous both online and in real life, it can be so easy to get in the habit of seeing everything on a surface level without ever taking time to really contemplate, or 'feel' what is being shown. However, the true art of photography comes in capturing a form of beauty that truly touches the soul. Something unique, unlike anything we might have seen before which stops us in our tracks, and forces us to linger and appreciate a little longer the art before us.

ECAD LONDON is about working in collaboration. With each artist bringing their unique element to a wider whole, similar to an orchestra of musicians playing different instruments in a symphony but also allowing for virtuoso solo performances. 

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