Dan Galeria Spotlights Artist Amilcar de Castro


Amilcar de Castro stretched flat surfaces into space. The artist from the state of Minas Gerais used two-dimensional iron sheets to create three-dimensional structures fixed to the ground - giving room to new experiences such as that of the environment around us. Read further below for an indepth look at the Brazilian artist's sculptural works from our International Member, Dan Galeria

With two gestures, that of cutting and that of folding, what was once two- dimensional became a pathway into other new dimensions. Time, which itself is beyond three-dimensionality shines through the light that escapes from the cut and reflects the change in luster caused by the fold. Light also changes as we move around the sculpture, as we perceive this connection between the piece, space and time. This complete sensorial sensation guides the viewers’ reactions to Amilcar de Castro’s paintings. There are no brush strokes, but broom sweeps. The lines seem to have been produced with the sound of a hard brush scrapping onto the canvas. These are paintings that allow stains, chaos, in which a gesture reveals the unseen that for many centuries was cast away by the mathematical constriction of space.


It is very likely that the important studies on the Neo-concrete movement that have already been disseminated in Brazil, capture increasing international attention; placing the Brazilian advancement into constructivism within the realms of western art history. Amilcar de Castro works are fundamental for comprehending the greatness of the Neo-concrete project.


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