Amilcar de Castro, CDR-11, c.1980. 80 x 80 x 2.5cm.

Dan Galeria

Membership / Dan Galeria

Dan Galeria's aim is to exhibit and work with important Brazilian and international artists, in a constant progression from historical artists to contemporary. The gallery also provides collection appraisals, artwork restoration and intermediation in expertises.

Founded in 1972 by Gláucia and Peter Cohn, the gallery focused exclusively on Brazilian Modern Art. Featuring works of 1920’s Modernist artists as Di Cavalcanti, Antônio Gomide, Ismael Nery, Tarsila do Amaral and Cícero Dias. After that, Santa Helena Group artists (1930’s /1940’s) Aldo Bonadei and Alfredo Volpi, were incorporated. In 1985, Flávio Cohn son of the founders created the Contemporary Art Department which opened space for Brazilian and international contemporary artists, all strong representatives of their medias and art schools. Then, Ulisses Cohn joins the directory board.

In the past twenty years Dan exhibited: Macaparana, Sérgio Fingermann, Amélia Toledo, Ascânio MMM, Laura Miranda and internationals: Sol Lewitt, Antoni Tapies, Jesus Soto, César Paternosto, José Manuel Ballester, Adolfo Estrada, Juan Asensio, Knopp Ferro and Ian Davenport. Dan Galeria’s purpose has always been to highlight Brazilian artists since 1920’s until today, at the same time, maintaining a close bound with international artists.

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